The vision for an own modern and experiential entomological shop evolved, and in 2020 the business name was changed to Bugger, name that fits every bug enthusiast's mouth. The range of products was expanded and the first web shop pages were launched in spring 2021. Despite their obtuseness and clumsiness, they managed to attract enthusiasts to shop online faster than we could have prepared. However, the first official Bugger parcels were shipped out quite honourably and have not been returned.

Bugger – Kuvituskuva nelivyöjäärästä
Bugger – Kuvituskuva keisarinviitasta

Now the flow of orders and parcels is getting used to and the website is looking a little better every day. Since November 2021, Bugger has also gained a whole new momentum, as Matias, who has completed his studies, was finally able to focus on the project full-time. This time, packaging tape has been ordered in time for stock.

Who are we?

Founder of Bugger

Matias (26) from Tampere has been a nature lover since he was a toddler. He spends his summers camping and observing insects and winters studying beetles under a microscope. Bugger was Matias' own idea, which started to develop during his university studies. Now that he has finished his studies, he can concentrate fully on the project.

Bugger – Matias retkellä Norjassa